Although now quite ubiquitous in speech, it is rare that individuals get the opportunity to embody this ethos in action, on a scale that brings about true revolution.  The annals of history are littered with examples of people whose intentions started out as altruistic but quickly turned sinister: Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Leon Trotsky, Maximilian Robespierre, Mao Zedong – all with a common theme of helping to organize and effect change to improve the lives of the working class – in the end, all responsible for more suffering than the forces they rebelled against, by magnitudes.  On the opposite end of the spectrum – those whose sacrifice and fidelity we still enjoy the fruits of today: Jesus, Moses, Mahatma Gandhi, our War Veterans – all served with distinction, honor and selflessness – living out their truth faithfully and without clamor, the very image of man-kinds’ greatest offering.  It is by this criterion that Veritas Private Holdings, Inc. measures its deeds and actions – to truly embody our namesake, truth, remembering what it stands for and what it means – with no deviation or self-aggrandizement.

Why do I bring this up?  VPH, Inc. has recently formed a strategic alliance with a major private equity partner – affording us the unique opportunity to bring about revolutionary change for both the modern alternative lender, as well as the business owners they are servicing.  As discussed over the last few months, change is in the wind for the alternative lending marketplace – for far too long has the pendulum rested on the side of the gluttonous money changers in the temple; if nature has taught us anything, it’s that it abhors a vacuum.  Indeed, the time has come for the paladins of the industry to balance the equation, to step in, self-regulate and provide the pathway towards lasting legitimacy.

The quote that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice” (Parker, Theodore) rests in the forefront of my mind here – more so than ever before in my life.  Staunchly, we resolve to reside in the ranks of the latter class of revolutionaries – recognizing that the bright line that defines the outcome rests solely in the adherence to the basic principles of human dignity and respect for all – no matter their status or standing in life.  The false dichotomy of the “other” is what leads to holocaust, even when the pedigree of the movement begins with the noblest of intentions.

Now, therefore, in consideration of the foregoing, it is with great pleasure and much distinction, that I announce our strategic partnership with ARP Equity Group, a private capital consortium and pivotal authority in the alternative lending sphere.  With this alliance, we stand on the precipice of greatness, now well equipped to execute on the plan of action we have foretold since our inception.

This coalition gives us the capacity to engage with MCA and alternative lenders (herein “MCA Company”) both large and small; providing a 15% annual credit facility (pending, but not limited to: 1.) a thorough analysis, verification and auditing of “MCA Company” client static pool (performing book of business); the qualification and approval of which, provides access to a 50/50 syndicate platform for a probationary period of a minimum of 90 days (this automatically doubles the amount the “MCA Company” has to advance their clients).

If, upon the expiration of the probationary period, the “MCA Company” has performed within the necessary framework (including, but not limited to: low default rate which reflects what was exhibited in the original static pool, adherence to best practices when dealing with clients and collections), then a credit facility will be extended, based upon the annual net the “MCA Company” earns annually*.

*Pending approval and verification of all the premises and the mutual covenants agreed upon*

The end goal of this undertaking is to simultaneously transform the “MCA Company” from a classical “mom and pop” shop, to an institutional class lender – with all the privileges and rights that such membership bestows – while at the same time, shepherding the modern business owner to sound fiscal footing by helping to lower the burden of high interest (by following the expert underwriting standards and industry best practices, the net positive is lower rates for the borrower, as well as transforming your “D to A grade paper” – the proverbial “water into wine” effect.

Moreover, under our cooperative stewardship and direction, qualified candidates will be perfectly positioned to avail themselves of the following:

a.)     expert underwriting standards and practices – encompassing the best platforms in the industry

b.)    risk management advisement 

c.)     collections assistance 

d.)    structured growth and scalability 

e.)     milestone based pathway to institutional ascendancy 

f.)      compelling bankability for sale in the private equity space 

The piece de resistance should not be lost on anyone – the ability to sell your book of business competitively, to private, institutional, investors cannot be overstated – it is the capstone of this whole exercise and allows the “MCA Company” to build a legacy that can provide generational financial independence.

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