I recently had the pleasure (and on occasion, displeasure) of sitting down with various owners and upper management personnel of brokerage and funding shops throughout the New York metropolitan area.  As discussed in previous articles, Veritas Private Holdings, Inc (herein “VPH”) has begun the process of franchising its relationships and expertise in the financial marketplace.

Individual brokerage shops, as well as direct lenders, are invited to contact our franchise department to apply for membership and begin the conversation towards a successful pathway to success.  This process will include basic due diligence to verify whether the candidate fits the criteria to operate under VPH’s banner and have full access to our extensive network.

I would like to elucidate some of the qualities candidates should possess, as well as highlight the type of individual we are resolutely NOT looking to work with.

We encourage individuals who are:

a.)     Hardworking

b.)    Forward thinking (technology and institutional culture-wise)

c.)     Team players

d.)    Growth Oriented

e.)     Willing to accept direction and open to change

We do not wish to work with those that are:

a.)     Untested and looking for a signing bonus

b.)    Fall under a certain threshold for monthly earnings

c.)     Stuck in the 1980’s and early 90’s regarding how business is done (methods and modalities)

d.)    Have substance abuse issues that they are actively in the throes of

e.)     Involved in fraud and malfeasance

My hope is that I will engage with more individuals of the former category than the latter, but I must imagine I will encounter this type more and more; as I cut my teeth in this industry around many a character who possessed all the instant negative qualities.  I look forward to proving myself wrong as we (VPH) continue our growth and maturation process.

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