It is with great pleasure and much distinction, that I announce our strategic partnership with ARP Equity Group, a private capital consortium and pivotal authority in the alternative lending sphere.

With this alliance, we stand on the precipice of greatness, now well equipped to execute on the plan of action we have foretold since our inception.  This coalition gives us the capacity to engage with MCA and alternative lenders both large and small; with the end goal of taking them from a classical “mom and pop” shop, to an institutional class lender – with all the privileges and rights that such membership bestows.

Under our cooperative stewardship and direction, qualified candidates will be perfectly positioned to avail themselves of the following:

a.)     expert underwriting standards and practices – encompassing the best platforms in the industry

b.)    risk management advisement

c.)     collections assistance

d.)    structured growth and scalability

e.)     milestone based pathway to institutional ascendancy

f.)      compelling bankability for sale in the private equity space

I look forward to working with all who are interested in taking the next step towards greatness.  Please message me directly to begin formal engagement.

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