I’m sure a lot of the Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s) in this industry are wondering, why they should become an ISO with Qualify My Business LLC (QMB). This article seeks to outlined the benefits of forming such are relationship with QMB.

To begin, QMB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Veritas Private Holdings, Inc., what this means is that you have the confidence of knowing that QMB is backed by industry leaders and professionals who are dedicated the success of their organization and those associated with it; with this comes the financial strength of the parent and so you can be assured, continuity and financial strength with QMB.

Additionally, QMB has preferred pricing with many funders and thus, by working with QMB your organization will be able to take advantage of our funder relationships and pricing models, this will allow you to compete in way that were heretofore unimaginable because you will be able to offer pricing to your clients that is below the industry average, and this will allow you to increase your market share of clients, thereby, increasing your revenue exponentially. Because of the solid funding relationships we have, we can give you same day offers and contracts, if these contracts are returned by you early enough, in most cases, we will be able to accomplish same day funding of your clients as well.

With QMB, your files will always be protected. We have one of the most state of the art IT infrastructures, that allows us to secure your files and therefore secure your clients information. You will never have to worry about an Identity theft issue, more importantly, you will not have to worry about your files being stolen, your clients being pitched behind your back or your clients be sold as leads to other ISO organizations.

At QMB, we understand that relationships make the world go around and not money, we pride ourselves on our relationships and it is because of our solid industry relationships that we are fastly becoming a force to be reckoned with! QMB, has some of the best ISO Relations Managers in the industry, thus you can count on rapid and professional responses from our RM’s.

Finally, our affiliate, Veritas Loans LLC, is in the process of becoming a direct funder, thus you will be able to benefit from even lower pricing through Veritas Loans on all of you B and C paper, 2nd and 3rd positions deals. Through our syndication platform, you will be able to co-fund with Veritas Loans thus opening the door for you as an ISO firm to be paid, not only by way of commissions but also by way of participating in fundings at whatever capital level you are comfortable with.

As you can see, QMB has a solid platform to offer any qualified ISO organization, transparency, file security, quick response times, quality relationship management, preferred pricing soon, a direct funding and syndication model that will put the ISO organization in a position to grow and expand at the rate they are comfortable with, while creating consistency and continuity in their revenue stream.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity of becoming and ISO with QMB, please feel free to contact at us at: [email protected].

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